The Future of Cosplay (For Me)

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We did a family Steampunk cosplay for Ad Astra in April, and a group Soul Eater cosplay for the day we spent at Anime North in May. The girls wanted to do their own things for Fan Expo, and I had a hard time finding time to put anything together, worried (or even stressed) about too many other things, and making sure the kids’ summer worked well.

And I kinda hated the wig I needed to play Professor Stein. Not to mention that I’ve really only watched about half a season of the show. The kids have all enjoyed Soul Eater, and I’ll admit it’s fun, but there are other anime series I enjoy more.

But I’ve started to think about what kind of cosplay I might do in the future. And, actually, it wasn’t hard to come up with a pretty big list in short order.

If we start from the premise of characters from shows, movies, or games that mean something to me, I have to begin with Star Trek (non-Trekkies ought to skip ahead a couple of paragraphs). Yes, the uniforms are easy to get, and the props aren’t hard to come by either, so that’s one (or even three) no brainers. But, switching up the species a bit can add some variety. Put some ears on and be a Vulcan in those uniforms, or shave my head completely to pass for a Deltan. A white wig and blue face paint get me most of the way to Andorian. And those are the easy ones. Branching out from the ship a little bit:

  • Gorn, but the lizard suit would be awfully hot, not to mention expensive)
  • Orion, on the order of the Andorian, but green, dark hair, and no antenna. And I’ll wear more clothes.
  • Remember “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”? A half black, half white paint job doesn’t seem too awful.
  • Remember “The Gamesters of Triskelion”? One of the thralls outfitted for battle, but carrying a coloured brain in a jar (one of the Providers).

There’s plenty of possibility there, but expending my search into some of the formative and influential bits of media from my youth…

  • The Man in Black/Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride, because that would be awesome.
  • The Tick, although really I’m built about half way between the Tick and Arthur, but maybe I could pull it off.
  • Jack Burton, the hero in his own mind from Big Trouble in Little China. But this needs a wig. I couldn’t grow that mullet.
  • Condorman, but I think I’d get mistaken for the Vulture a lot.
  • Prince Colwyn from Krull. Cool outfit, but the movie was better left in my memory. It doesn’t hold up very well.
  • Last Starfighter uniform, because really, who doesn’t want to hit the Death Blossom button?
  • (Original) Battlestar Galactica uniform. In all its cheesy glory, I still like it much better than the modern incarnation.
  • Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon, circa 1980. Not because the movie was necessarily good, but because I’d look awesome in a full goatee and over the top red and gold cape.

And that’s just getting started. There just aren’t enough cons. Well, there are but I’d run out of money trying to manage cosplay for more than a couple. Might do that anyway.

Be well, everyone.

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