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The Status of Status Bars

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If you’ve been here more than once, you might have noticed I have several status bars near the top right. These were supposed to be highlighting works in progress at any given moment.

Well, they haven’t really changed. For a couple of months. The first draft of “Listening Station” has been done longer than I’d like to think about, and I should really take it down, but it does make me feel like I’ve managed something this year. The third draft of Ancient Runes got about half an hour of attention over the summer. And I don’t want to think about the Sooper Seekrit Projekt at the moment, except I do want to.

While wrestling with life and in my own head over summer, I stopped being creative in a fiction direction. I think in several directions, really. But it’s starting to come back. I’m reading through Ancient Runes to get a feel for the story again and start to get back in the zone.

And I’m trying to blog way too much at the moment to get myself used to typing on a regular basis again. This will slow down very soon, especially since I’m using time that I really should be spending stitching together everything I’ve recorded for the next couple of episodes of Days of Geek.

So the status bars will change soon. One will come down and I’ll probably alter the arrangement a little to include a line for audio production.

And I really ought to spend a little more time on the DoG website, since the first episode is up by the time you read this. Or it’s supposed to be. I may have decided to push it back a week so I can actually do something with the website. Why? Because I’ve spent too much of my available spare time editing audio and absolutely none of it getting podcast art, a profile image, or putting any content on the website at all. <sigh>

Be well, everyone.

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