My Social Media Secret

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Come here. I need to tell you a secret. No, it’s okay. Really.

I suck at social media. Which is not okay.

There, it’s out there, and it’s true.

With three kids, a wife, a career, trying to launch a writing career, karate, and several hobbies with the previously mentioned kids, I’ve got a lot going on. I get wrapped up in the real world, or stuck in dealing with the thousand little twists and curves life tosses in our path, or I just get really, really busy and forget about social media.

Yes, there have been times when I’ve deliberately shut the world off to deal with things, and that’s really not good, or all that helpful if I’m honest with myself.

But sometimes I really just do forget. And that’s bad.

I’m probably best at Facebook, at least parts of it, because that’s how my daughters message me (my son texts me by phone), so I remember to skim my newsfeed because I want to keep in frequent contact with my kids.

But I have friends on Twitter (a few of whom I’ve even met in person), people I care about how they are and how they’re doing and whether their lies and dreams are going well. And yet I forget to log into Twitter on a regular basis, often for more than one day at a time (a week isn’t uncommon in recent months). Not exactly fair to them, is it?

I go in little spurts on Google+, logging in a few times in a short period and then ignoring it for weeks or months.

And I think I’ve been to my Linked In account twice since I created it. Including the day I created it.

Not exactly consistent, am I?

Never mind that if you buy into the whole personal brand mythology, from a certain viewpoint the gaps may, in a vacuum with other data absent, make me look either unstable or unreliable.

So I need to fix this, right? Although fix is the wrong word. Nothing is broken, I’m just not as good at something as I want to be. Improvement is needed. Self improvement.

So I’m falling back on one of my strengths: planning.

Yes, I’m going to plan a social media assault. Well, assault is probably the wrong word, and ‘plan’ is probably the wrong tense. I built the plan in the last couple of days of October and pressed go on November 1st. At this time, it covers 7 different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Get Glue, Four Square, and Foodspotting.

Facebook and Twitter are the big ones. Daily stuff.

Google+ Linked In both need a brief study period, but will probably wind up on a weekly basis mostly. You can’t be everywhere because you wind up being nowhere.

Get Glue, Four Square, and Foodspotting are for specific purposes. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget Good Reads, though I use that more as a tracking system than a social network. It counts for many people, though.

Patterns will emerge quickly, but I’ll strive to make things appear normal and natural. They will be, for the most part, but with the understanding that I’m actually trying to force myself into habits. Hopefully, the requirement for structure won’t last too long, but I’ll accept it for as long as it takes.

Wish me luck. So far, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m an order of magnitude or two better than I have been.

Be well, everyone.

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