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Data Lost and Found

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So I had this sad but hopeful blog post written about how due to a set of unconnected events including a missing flash drive, a corrupt backup, and failure to also backup to my Google drive lately, I may have lost a great deal of work.

Initially, I thought this might be as much as 40 hours’ work, but reconstruction brought me to something far less than that: about 12,000 words on my current novel (out of a little over 44,000) about 5,000 words of a nearly complete 10,000 word novelette, 75% of a blog entry about Quinte Mini Con, and a bunch of research and scripting, mostly for Days of Geek.

Not everything, fortunately, but some. Too much, but I’d live.

And then, near the end of the shift today, my boss presented me with a small thing she’d found: the missing flash drive. Talk about a boost to my day. Under full camera coverage, in the middle of the gaming floor (I work in a casino), I hugged her. Twice.

So all I’ve really lost was an evening’s potential productivity while I tried to recover as much as I could of files I got back anyway. And I didn’t get several things done yesterday, but I’ll live.

What this will effect in my current month’s plan:

  1. The final draft of Ancient Runes will take a day longer. I can live with that.
  2. Days of Geek episode 6 will be late. Um, later. I wanted it on Thursday, but since I thought I’d lost my notes for the last two segments I had to record, I didn’t do any recording or editing last night. I’m probably two days behind. <sigh>
  3. By the time this posts, I’ve updated everything and made multiple redundant backups, saved in several places, including my Google Drive and an e-mail copy.

That’s all.

I feel much better now.

Be well, everyone.

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