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Title Change & Other WIP Updates

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So if you didn’t notice (because you wouldn’t unless you’re visiting my website every single day to see if I’ve posted anything new), I changed the working title of my current Novel in progress a couple of days ago.

It was Manifest Destiny. It’s now Universal Destiny.

Okay, not much of a change, but the new title makes a lot more sense in context of the story and the dominant belief system of the primary non-human species in the book. Yes, it’s a science fiction novel. Military Science Fiction if you want to narrow it down, although like most stories in that subgenre, there’s more to it.

At this writing, I’ve put a little over 55,000 words into the novel and, based on my original projections and how much I’ve exceeded them, it should come in at around 63,000 words. Which is pretty close to the 60,000 I estimated based on the outline. Some scenes have come out a bit longer and some a bit shorter. More of them longer, obviously.

Now, if you’d like to protest that this is a short novel, you’re right, although the SFWA definition says a novel starts at 40,000 words. Still, my first draft tends to be very bare bones. Successive drafts will add extra scenes where needed to flesh out plot points and characters and a whole lot of description that isn’t there yet. At a guess, it will expand by 12-15k, so a total of 75,000 words or so.

Which will still make it on the short side for SF, typically running 90-110k.

But that’s okay. Makes it a quick read and hopefully has the reader wanting more when it’s over.

First, I need to finish it, though, and that’s still about 7,500 words away and I’m absolutely on track to get it done by the end of the month.

The title change isn’t the only change, but it’s the most obvious one.

The other big one is that one of the POV characters was originally the first officer of the Sentinel, the ship most of the story takes place on. He’s now the Second officer so I can use the first officer as an intimidating figure in other places to other characters. This also helps a couple of things make sense.

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