The Next Project

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It’s been a week for finishing things, creatively speaking. Aside from drafting the last scene of Universal Destiny last night, I also finished plotting the last few scenes of book 2 of the Godhead trilogy (planned to start drafting January 1st), and the final (read it out loud) draft of Ancient Runes (which I now need to figure out what to do with).

This is not a writing report for November. There are still 4 days left, including today, and   hope  to pound out some additional wordage before the end of that time.

That said, heady with success at the moment, I’m plunging straight into the next project, which wasn’t even originally on the books as a serious consideration when I started the New Plan. December’s new words (and the last few days of November’s) will be spent on a set of 3 (or maybe 4) Fantasy novelettes I’m forecasting at 12-15,000 words each. Together with “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, these will make a collection in their own right of 4 (or maybe 5) novelettes.

I’ve started the first one today, sort of an Urban Noir Fantasy tentatively titled “Trollsign”. Trying to twist things a little while wallowing in a few standard tropes I hope to stand on their heads a little. Starts out with the crime scene of a brutal murder in a casino. Should be lots of camera coverage, right?

As for the others:

“Last of the Sorcerer Kings” (Sword and Sorcery) – Karic, one of the King’s Hounds, follows the trail of a killer to a small northern kingdom and finds something far worse than he expects. Oh, he’ll catch up with the killer, too.

“A Gathering of Heroes” (Epic Fantasy) – told from the POV of the apprentice to a wizard in his 60s, a band of adventurers gets back together to pick up a quest they put down twenty-five years ago to rid their world of an ancient evil.

“Company of the Dead” (Dark Fantasy) – While the other two are rough plotted, this one is still a bit nebulous in my head. Secondary world. A war that threatens to swallow nations, a necromancer, and resurrected people who are not zombies (not exactly zombies, anyway) but not what they once were, either.

Taking the place of both novel and short fiction work for December, I’m pretty sure, extending the pace I’ve set for October and November, I can manage the first three by New Years’. If they come out in the vicinity of 12k each then I’ll be able to sink my keyboard into “Company of the Dead” as well. If they’re closer to 15k each, there’s not enough space left and things will spill over into my next planned short fiction project.

Either way, this includes taking a day off for Frost Con.

<rubbing hands together> Time to kick back into high gear.

Be well, everyone.

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