2014 Reading Challenges

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So I did the Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge this year, with the goal of reading more than I have been the last couple of years. I set a modest goal of 32 books, have counted 34 so far, and still have a couple of weeks (admittedly busy ones) to go.

But I’m thinking about next year.

There was a time, when my kids were small and slept more, when I didn’t spend much of my spare time writing, when I worked for a book retailer or in the aftermath of that career, I read more than 100 books per year. Before kids, before the internet, that number hit 200 some years. I don’t think I can get back to that any time soon. Maybe when I’m retired and the kids have all left me, but that’s years in the future and I still want to read now.

I’m thinking, for the 2014 Challenge (which hasn’t been announced yet), I’m going to set the bar at 50 books. But I need to broaden my horizons a bit and look at the reading goals I set last year and didn’t meet (6 of those 32 were supposed to be martial arts books—I’ve almost finished exactly one, but I semi-intentionally deviated from that goal, a subject for another day).

And there are a lot of other reading challenges out there, not always based on pure numbers, but on subjects or types of book, or any of thousands of other qualifications. I found one specifically that interests me, The 2014 TBR Pile Challenge. The basic idea here is to read at least 12 books (one per month) that have been in your To Be Read pile or list for at least a year. I can do that, maybe. There are a lot of books lying around here.

Here’s what I’m planning for 2014 overall:

6 Martial Arts

10 Non Fiction

34 Fiction

The Fiction count neatly matches what I’ve already achieved this year, so that shouldn’t be a stretch, right? I broke Martial Arts out of Non-Fiction as I’m now over 3 ½ years into my training and learning to see things more deeply. It’s time to step up the scholastic aspect of the art for me.

And there are always books for Christmas, some of which I know are non-fiction this year because I picked them out.

50 books in 52 weeks. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

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