Writing Report, December 2013 and the Whole of Q4

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So many words, so little time.

I’m going to make this a quick post, I hope, as I’ve got a lot to accomplish in the few days I’m off this week, and a lot of it isn’t writing related. As usual, there are numbers involved, so if those bore you, skip ahead to the end. (Note that these are all as of going to bed New Year’s Eve. I did write a little yesterday.)

December’s targets versus reality:




Untitled Novelette Project



Short Fiction: included in Novelette goals


Godhead, Book 2 plotting



Short Fiction Cleanup


Breaking things out:

  1. Untitled Novelette Project scored some significant wordage this month, but isn’t as complete as I’d like. Not regretting the project, as I’m having fun with all of the stories, but it’s turned out to be a slightly larger project than I expected.
    1. “Trollsign”, the second novelette (I’m counting “Thorvald’s Wyrd” as part of the set) is the only one so far to come in inside the word budget of 12-15k (at 12,536).
    2. “Last of the Sorcerer Kings” is actually a novella at 21,465 words.
    3. “A Gathering of Heroes” is scraping at 13.5k mark with fivee scenes to go. This one is going to be a novella, too, and I think it may brush up against 20k.
    4. “Company of the Dead” (the bonus novelette) is a little under 1,900 words and is a couple of hundred words into the third scene (of 15 planned). I still have a small hope that this will stay under 15k, but I’m not holding my breath yet.
    5. The short fiction total got rolled into the main project goal for the month, but I still managed a pair of flash pieces towards the upcoming Undead project.
    6. Barely got the final novel plotting done for The Godhead and, honestly, it isn’t really. Most of one of the three major character arcs is plotted out to the level of one sentence per scene. December has been a busy month. I’m still comfortable to have started drafting this, though.
    7. Short Fiction cleanup saw two final drafts, a third draft, and two second drafts of previously written stories. I also dug out an 11,000-word SF novelette that proved to be surprisingly readable, though suffers from a couple of dated points, but that’s always a risk when you’re writing near future SF. Made a few notes. Short fiction cleanup stays on the list for all of Q1 of 2014, so I’m going to make a run at this one.

Overall word production:







Blog Posts




Which comes to a grand total of 60,907 words for the month, making it the second best month of the quarter, beating November by more than 2,500 words. This in spite of taking three days completely off to look for a new vehicle to replace our aging zombie van and two more for Christmas related activities.

Not bad at all. And, just because I love numbers, totals for the Experimental Quarter shape up like so:







Blog Posts




Totalling 184,485 words. Considering the middle of the year, that’s pretty good in my eyes.

So while I’ve done some re-forecasting for the first quarter of 2014, I’m not going to lay the whole year out here, just the high points for January.

  1. First draft to begin on The Godhead.
  2. Short fiction work to consist of trying to finish off the two remaining novelettes. “A Gathering of Heroes” should be no problem, but “Company of the Dead” is likely to stretch in February. This pushes the real beginning of the Undead short fiction project (more on which another time) back a month.
  3. And the Short Fiction Cleanup continues.

I’d originally thought to do revision notes and start the second draft for Universal Destiny, but I’ve decided to hit the short fiction clean up a little harder and let UD rest another month. Aggressive, but that’s okay. Big goals are important as long as you can be happy with the actual achievements on the way. And it can be pretty awesome when you do hit them.

Be well, everyone.

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