2013 Writing Recap

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It’s been a turbulent year in some ways, but I’ve had worse in recent memory. Creatively speaking, the year has had equal parts frantic activity and abysmal nothingness. It rounds out not too badly.

First, a quick re-cap, pulling a few choice bits of information from blog posts and plans of a year ago and reality measured up.


Writing Goals for 2013

1,000 words per day of new fiction, totalling 365,000 words, but with the relaxing caveat of every day being a new one and only the new target matters.

Somewhere in this total, the first draft of Tashiik Dreams or Dreams of Freedom.


  • I wrote no new fiction for almost half the year. Between 20 April at 01 October, I managed a grand total of 3,290 words of fiction, and none at all in June, July, or August. In September, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started to put things back together, kicking things into high gear. The end of the year fiction count still came in at 200,432 words, beating 2012 by almost 60k and coming within striking distance of 2011’s word count.
  • I didn’t write either Tashiik Dreams or Dreams of Freedom.
  • I did, however, write Universal Destiny, which might be the first book in a series or might stand well on its own. I’m leaning towards at least a couple more stories in the universe.


Editing Goals for 2013

  • Skip To My Luu getting some tweaks and a little smoothing out.
  • Warforge: Caledonia to get a second draft.
  • Ancient Runes to go through multiple drafts and be ready for beta readers by the end of the year.
  • Tashiik Dreams or Dreams of Freedom (whichever got the first draft done), second draft.


  • Skip To My Luu never got touched.
  • Something about Warforge: Caledonia is broken. I set it down near the end of April and didn’t pick it up again. I’m still not sure what isn’t working for me.
  • Ancient Runes is ready for beta readers. Now I just need beta readers.
  • Since I finished Universal Destiny near the end of November, I haven’t gotten to the second draft yet.

Publishing Goals for 2013

  • Small Realities 1-4. Small collections of my short fiction targeted at 28-30,000 words each and published in March, June, September, and December. I’ve already picked the stories for the first one, and I’m thinking about cover art and author’s notes.
  • “Turn the World Around”, 35,000 word Science Fiction novella/short novel. Figuring on late summer for this.
  • “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, Epic fantasy told in 100-word scenes. Late in the fall. It’s a wintery kind of tale.
  • “Where the Water Tastes Funny”, a 6,000-ish short story that needs to be of the illustrated variety. Sometime in the fall.


  • Epic fail. Did none of them.


So, some good, some bad. Mostly not so good, though.

However, I feel like I picked up the ball and hit my stride in the last quarter of 2013, and I’m going to try to maintain that in 2014. This year’s goals are extremely aggressive and will include some of last years. I’ll post about those tomorrow.

Be well, everyone.

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