Writing Report – January 2014

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This is going to be quicker than usual, I think. Way too much going on.

Major WIP

The Godhead, Book 1

26,181 words written of 30,000 target. A clean miss, but a pretty good number. I’m also no longer projecting this as a 90k novel, but 100k. Surprise.

Novelette Project

A Gathering of Heroes”

3rd of the 4 novelettes, complete at 22,031 words of an originally projected 15,000. Interesting how that works. This makes exactly one of the 4 novelettes that’s actually fallen into novelette count. Not this one, obviously.

Company of the Dead”

4th of the 4 novelettes, complete at 7,711 words written of a projected 15,000. And eight scenes left to write. How much would you like to bet this one’s going to hit 20k, too?

Total short fiction work of 14,448 words, surpassing the target by almost exactly what I missed the novel target by. There is balance here.

Other Fiction

In chronological order of accomplishment:

Third draft of “The King’s Blessing”, taking it to 3,099 words.

Second drafts of two flash pieces: “The Werewolf Movie”, and “Alphabet Fantasy”.

Second draft of “The Vyrian Child”, now at 11,602 words. Not that big a change in length, but some heavy revisions inside the story. Intact, but reads much better.

Final draft of “The King’s Blessing”, now standing at 3,120 words.

Other Writing

Fleshed out the plotting of Book 3 of The Godhead. No more single sentence chapters in the outline.

Non-fiction including scripting for “Days of Geek”, blog posts (not that there were many), and several other things: 10,769 words.

Total for the Month

55,367 words.

Not too shabby, considering:

I took three days off of primary fiction writing to re-start my podcast (“Days of Geek”)

There were actually seven days in total I spent no time on my primary fiction WIP (three of which I also ignored the secondaries). But I still wrote something every single day in the month of January. Makes me happy.

Always with the re-forecasting, me, but always in motion is the future and only the goals for February actually matter for the moment:

  1. Another 30,000 words on book 1 of The Godhead.

  2. Finish “Company of the Dead”. Pushing serious work on The Undead collection stories back another month, unless I finish CotD early. Not likely considering the last two supposed novelettes.

  3. The Short Fiction Cleanup continues. Slowly. I have a couple of actual short stories (as in under 5,000 words) I’d like to finalize, but primarily I want to get the third draft of “The Vyrian Child” done.

  4. Revision notes for Universal Destiny. This entails reading the story and making notes about all the things that are wrong or I want to change. The second draft is to fix these, and there will probably be a lot of them.

  5. I’m going to shoot for 10 blog posts to go up in February. If I count this one, three of them are already written. I’m counting this one.

  6. Two episodes (three, if I’m smart) of “Days of Geek” produced, but without taking all of my spare time for a week to do it.

Still cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Which would be even more apparent if I mentioned a couple of other projects I’m thinking about.

Be well, everyone.

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