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Support Your Local SPCA/Humane Society

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This is Cyrus: 

A.K.A. Fluffball, Tribble, Cybacca, Bubbles.
A.K.A. Fluffball, Tribble, Cybacca, Bubbles

He’s been living with us for just a touch over six months now.

These are Peach (centre, hiding) and Pepper (right):

The Three Ps.
The Three Ps.

joining their sister by adoption Peanut (right) not long before Christmas. (Yes, three P’s in a pod. It’s cute.)

Cyrus, Peach, and Pepper have several things in common.

  1. They’re all mammals.
  2. They all have fur.
  3. They all came from the Lennox & Addington OSPCA

I have nothing against pet stores. Very useful places for supplies, advice, and information. But for livestock, check the SPCA first. We live in a small town and aside from cats and dogs, they’ve had guinea pigs, chinchilla, and rabbits in the last several months, dropped off at the front door or transferred from another site in hopes of adoption.

There’s probably an SPCA or Humane Society or other animal shelter somewhere near you. When there’s a pet-shaped hole in your life, drop by.

Go inside, fall in love, create a better existence for another creature.

Later on, go back and tell them about it. Take a picture. And a few cans of food. And a bag of cat litter.

Be well, everyone.

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