Creativity And Expired License Plates

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So yesterday, I wrote this wonderful, if long, post about how I’ve been under clocking my life and how society has taught me to do that, really, had taught us all to do that. I’ve been working to change that about myself, but I’m going to save that post for another day. Something happened this morning that screws up my schedule for both today and tomorrow, and proves that I still have more work to do.

You see, I’ve apparently been driving a car with an expired license plate for almost a month and a half. This might not sound so bad, except I commute in the car five days every week. Sometimes, like this morning, I drive my kids to school. I go shopping; I run errands; I go places. This is my primary vehicle.

A police car pulled me over on the highway not long after I left work. “Did you know,” the officer said, “that your license plate is expired.”

No, I had no idea. And I had no idea, because

a)    I didn’t realize that the notification had arrived all the way back in November, and

b)    I wasn’t expecting one anyway. The last time my license plate needs to be renewed, because I found it to be a pain in the butt doing it every year, I renewed for two years. Two years is a long time, and it seemed to me that it would save me time. Renewing for two years looked to be twice as convenient as getting it for one year. Or, perhaps, half as inconvenient.

In retrospect, this seems to have been poor judgment on my part.

That two year renewal is comfortably far in the past, but still fresh enough in my mind, that it must still be good, right?

My birthday is in December, so that’s when I renew my plate (and license, if necessary). December is comfortably far away from February. But, as it turns out, that last renewal was in December 2011. Adding two years, well, that gets me to do 2013. It’s now 2014.

You see the problem. So did the officer.

Unfortunately, aside from the $110 ticket, being stopped also caused me to be late for work, and I don’t get paid for not being there. <sigh>

It’s also going to cost me my creative time tomorrow morning for a trip to the license bureau. That will probably result in episode 8 of Days of Geek dropping a day late, or more because time is at a premium at home in the normal course of events. So much for getting it out exactly on time, even if it ended civilization.

Could be worse, I suppose. At least there were no demerits attached.

Be well, everyone.

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