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DoG Ep 08: William Shatner and Patrick Stewart at MCC 2012

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0:00 Episode ID

Days of Geek, Episode 8: William Shatner and Patrick Steward share the stage at MCC. Plus, and Forgotten Geek Cinema of 1980.

00:11 Music

Instead of the normal “Split In Synapse” (courtesy of Kevin McCleod at, I’m using the traditiona l“Space, the Final Frontier” speech from Star Trek, but split between Captains Kik and Picard.

00:47 Intro

And with good reason: the celebrity Q&A is none other than Captains Kirk and Picard, together on stage at Montreal Comic Con September 2012. In front of it, I make note of remembering the fist time I saw TNG.


Noting that the Captains were a bonus event at MCC, and one that could, and I think should, have gone on much longer. They were tremendously entertaining on stage together. Plus, there was a mystery guest.

01:07:00Secondary Topic

Audio of a trailer for and a bit of opinion on three genre movies from 1980 that you may (or may not) have overlooked:

  1. Airplane!

  2. Flash Gordon

  3. Popeye

01:21:22Geekness and the Real World

Planning attendance at Toronto Comic Con in early March. I’ll try to be visible. If by some strange coincidence you recognize me, don’t be afraid to say hi.

01:22:21Anime Corner

Talking briefly this week about my favourite Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away. It’s a wonderfully imagined and rendered story of a ten year old girl forced to find her way, keep herself, and rescue her parents in a world of strange creatures and bizarre spirits.

Highly, highly recommended.

01:24:26 Star Trek TOS Re-Watch

Episode: “The Naked Time

I play the original TV teaser and offer a brief synopsis, some thoughts and opinions. (This is a great episode, but doesn’t quite make my top 10. Close, though.)

Overlooked Character/Actor: Lt. Kevin Riley, played by Bruce Hyde.

Best Line: several quoted, but I finally went with the defining classic

Sulu: “I’ll protect you, fair maiden.”

Uhura: “Sorry, neither.”


Casualities (R/G/B): 0/0/1

Emotions displayed by emotionless Vulcan: 1

He’s dead, Jim: almost 1, but it’s spoken by Nurse Chapel to McCoy.


Watch this one. It’s a lot of fun.

01:36:14 Outro

In which I offer contact info:

Closing music—George Street Shuffle, courtesy of Kevin McCleod at


Creative Commons licensing info (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Un-ported License).

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