Academic Goals for the Short Term

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So I’ve set some goals this year that many people would consider ridiculous in a variety of areas at a variety of levels. I hinted at these in my post on how I’ve been Underclocking My Life. Today, I thought I’d toss a couple of details out for a couple of the things I’m planning. Calculus and Physics.

You see, the thought process that the underclocking realization started me on made me remember all of the things that I used to want to know and do. And my life has circled back around to the point where I can see my oldest child getting ready to start learning some of the same things. No, I’m not worried about getting there first. There is no competition, except with myself, although it would be nice to be able to help with homework if he needs it. (He won’t. Kid’s smarter than I am when he takes the time to figure things out.)

I’m remembering that I used to like maths and sciences when I was younger. To the point where my original thought was a degree in Physics, or Math and Physics, or Chemistry and Physics. How I drifted into Mineral Processing Engineering is a mystery for the ages.

The point is that I’ve rounded up a couple of textbooks. First, an updated edition of the Calculus textbook I actually used in first year. And second, a Physics text that’s the modern equivalent of 1989 in Queen’s Engineering. No, they’re not new. Who can afford new university textbooks if their parents aren’t buying them? But they’re recent, and a lot more recent than the ones I still had in the closet. And they’re filled with many strange and interesting things I want to know.

And I want to know because I can, if I have the drive and focus, and I suppose that’s what I really want to find out.

Be well, everyone.

Oh, and when I’m done with the Calculus and Physics books, I intend to continue the experiment with Algebra and Chemistry. And maybe Statistics. Then we’ll see.

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