Writing Report, February 2014

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Quick overview of writing accomplishments for the month of February, 2014.

Major WIP

The Godhead, Book 1

30,063 words written of 30,000 target. Barely dusted that one on the last day of the month, but I’m still pretty happy about it. As previously mentioned though, the story keeps getting a little more complicated. At just over 56k, I should be almost 60% through my original plot, give or take a few points. Based on my current projectsions, I’m looking at barely 47%. My forecast for overall length is leaning towards 120k now, a far cry from the 90 I’d first thought and the 95 I’d pretended to work with for a while.

Novelette Project

Company of the Dead”

4th of the 4 novelettes, still not complete at 16,042 words written of a projected 15,000 with the climax left to complete and the denouement to go after that. Might be looking at 20k again, maybe only 19k. So much for the novelette length, hmm?

Seriously considering expanding this project. I have a number of other subgenres I’d like to explore/mash and I feel comfortable doing it in the novelette to novella range.

Other Fiction

Total short fiction work of 13,500 words, which was not what I planned. The actual target was only 9k here, and I put a little more than that just into “Company of the Dead”. The rest is made up of two shorter stories towards The Undead project. I also didn’t do an awful lot of editing this month.

But other fiction in chronological order of accomplishment:

Third draft of “Tabouli Breath”, a flash fantasy piece now at 639 words.

First draft of a ghost story flash for The Undead, still untitled at 1,173 words.

Second draft of “An Opening, Just Whiskers Wide”, getting a little longer to 2,911 words. A little fleshed out in a couple of spots and tidied up in others.

First draft of an untitled Revenant story for The Undead, coming in at 3,996 words.

Other Writing

Did very little editing this month, putting the time into other things, and managed revision notes for the first two chapters of Universeal Destiny. Need to fix that if I want it to become a polished final project someday.

Non-fiction totalled 15,878 words, including blog posts (which takes in most of this one).

Total for the Month

59,861 words. This is a total that makes me quite happy, but says I should have stayed up just a couple of minutes later one night to hit the 60k mark.

Looking ahead, the goals for March:

  1. Another 30,000 words on book 1 of The Godhead. This will (hopefully) get me somewhere very close to the ¾ mark.

  2. Really, actually finish “Company of the Dead”. I’m only 2.5-3k away, so this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  3. Starting some significant work on The Undead collection stories. I have a couple of basic plots, but my current count says I still need 17 shorts and at least 9 flash pieces to round out to what I want.

  4. Revision notes for Universal Destiny. I will do this in March.

  5. Targeting 10 blog posts again for March, and three days more to do it in. Have written exactly this one so far.

  6. At least two episodes of “Days of Geek”.

And there’s where we’re (I’m) at.

Be well, everyone.

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