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Taking A Break

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I’ve set some pretty heavy writing goals for the year, amounting to half a million (500,000!) new words of fiction. And for the first two months, I’ve been trucking along pretty well, balancing things between short and long forms to be just a little bit ahead of my target, pumping out over 1400 words per day on average (1416 vs the 1397 I need to hit the total for the year). This makes me happy, but not necessarily relaxed. Relaxing is hard for me.

But every so often, you need to recharge.

I was lucky enough to have March Break off this year and looked forward to getting a lot of stuff done around the house, a bunch of writing, and a lot of lounging with the kids. Basically, my regular activity level, but replacing work with extra family time and chores.

My first day off, I changed my mind because every so often you need to recharge, and that’s what I wanted to do.

We still got stuff done around the house, just not as much as I originally planned. And that’s okay. It’s a long term list.

I lounged around a lot with the kids, watched way too much Community, all three Lord of the Rings movies, and even some TV. Oh, and video games. We made one small day trip, to Toronto Comic Con, which, except for one significant but brief event, was rather underwhelming. More on that another time.

Basically, I relaxed. And I never relax.

It was probably what I needed and my stress level is certainly down, though I came back into an unfortunate schedule at work the first few days and have a major physical event on Thursday (more on that another time, too), but it did have an impact on my writing targets.

A significant impact. I entered back into my regular schedule just about exactly 10,000 words off the pace I’d scheduled for this point. That’s as of yesterday morning, so doesn’t include any new words since then.

And I don’t care, because it’s the schedule is an arbitrary one I’ve imposed on myself. Oh, I still want to make the goal, but an extra 10,000 words spread over nine and a half months is less than an extra 37 words per day. Hardly noticeable. And I’ve already made up a thousand of those with today not being over yet.

Of course, if I decide to do something similar with my vacation in August, that might shift things again, I suppose. But it still doesn’t matter. I’m feeling pretty good right now, and I’ll get in a few more words before bed.

Be well, everyone.

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