Writing Report, March 2014

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This is late in coming. March had some additional real world stresses built into it, as well as a vacation where I chose to spend the time with my kids rather than in front of the keyboard. No regrets on the latter, and most of the former has been lifted in the last few days. April will be better, but probably still below target. May should be back up to par, I hope, or even a little above.

But, for a very quick overview of what I actually did accomplish in February, 2014:


Major WIP

The Godhead, Book 1

15,062 words written of 30,000 target. Which is okay. I’m at 61% complete on my original outline and 75% my original word count for that point. Current projection says 117,000 words against the 94,500 estimate. Slight difference.

Novelette Project

“Company of the Dead”

4th of the 4 planned fantasy novelettes finally complete at 18,202 words written and a scene I left unwritten because I decided it wasn’t necessary to the overall story. Might change my mind when I get to the editing point.

I’m still thinking about expanding this project, but over a longer term. There are plenty of subgenres to explore, and I’ve got thoughts on a couple of things that would fit into the 10-20,000 word zone.


Other Fiction

It was a light month for short fiction for me, with another story started, but not finished, for The Undead. And pretty much no editing done on previous shorts.


Other Writing

Managed a whole five blog posts in March, a little bit of non-fiction, a little bit of script work on a new project and a revived one. The revived one could probably have waited for a year, but it felt good to have my hands back on it.

This category covers a grand total of 7,676 words, including blog posts (which takes in most of this one).


Total for the Month

26,082 words. Very light compared to the last few months, but still a decent total looking at the last couple of years. Considering life and the real world, this is perfectly fine.

Looking ahead, the goals for April:

  1. Back on track with 30,000 words on book 1 of The Godhead to getting within sight of the book’s finale. I’m debating now whether I do want to write all three backs one right after the other or work on something else for a couple of months in between. Still thinking.
  2. I’m looking for 10,000 words on stories for The Undead. Stretching here considering April’s slow start, but always aim high.
  3. Revision notes for Universal Destiny.
  4. Another shot at 10 blog posts for the month. This counts as one, and I know what four more of them are about, not that I’ve started writing them yet.

Wish me limber fingers.

Be well, everyone.

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