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Note on the Godhead Trilogy

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So the Godhead trilogy that I keep talking about is my primary new fiction project for the year. It’s a fantasy trilogy that I originally plotted out to about 100,000 words per book based on the scenes I originally wanted to include.

Note the word originally. This story seems to grow in the telling almost every time I start a new scene. The first book had the shortest outline by several thousand words, with an original projected length of 94,500. This was based on previous work, knowing my own writing style well enough to estimates how long I would take to tell each little piece of the story. But it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Oh, nearly every scene I plotted has fallen within about 500 words of my estimated length either way, but I keep finding things to add. There needs to be a scene here. And there. And in between these two.

And there are several of those I haven’t written yet, with little notes in the text to myself. Things like, “Somewhere before this scene, we need to see the young prince interacting with the members of the Duke’s court, particularly his twin daughters.” Scenes to be written later.

As of right now, and writing this I haven’t touched the novel yet today, I’m a little over 85,000 words in. The outline suggests I should be at the 67,000 word mark. Making me 17,000 words heavy, and that’s with probably 8-10,000 words that I specifically haven’t written yet.

My projection currently suggests the novel will end up in the area of 118-120,000 words, and that’s without those three extra scenes so it could go as high as 130,000, making it the largest single story I’ve ever written by more than 20,000 words.

It’s worth noting that I have deviated from my outline for book 1, although those deviations mesh back in with the overall story fairly well. The overall narrative is still moving in the direction I want, just not quite on the same line. But that’s okay. Surprises are nice.

But all of this is a long winded explanation of why I’m probably not going to jump into book 2 right away. I need to think about the ways I’ve expanded book 1 and see if that requires any plot adjustments in books 2 and 3. I haven’t yet decided if that’s going to be a pile of extra short fiction towards The Undead, or if I might plot and write the first book of the Becoming Human trilogy.

But since I still have 30-40,000 words to write in the first Godhead book, it’s not a decision I have to make right now.

Be well, everyone.


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