Writing Report, May 2014

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Writing Report, May 2014

May was a good month overall, even though I missed more targets than I hit. Still not much editing, though I’ve done some tiny adjustments to some stories before sending them out. Yes, I’m submitting again. It’s been a while since I made a serious run at getting my fiction in front of other people’s eyes for publishing, but I’m trying to not let that bother me.

It’s worth noting that we went to two conventions in May: Ottawa Comic Con and Anime North (more on the first of those here, and more on the second in a couple of days). Six potential writing days gone in two puffs of awesome. Well, maybe two days. I haven’t been doing a lot of writing on weekends lately.

A very quick overview of May, 2014:


Major WIP

The Godhead

Book 1 – 26,358 more words to bring it to a total of 126,427 and make it the longest thing I’ve ever written. Also the most “over budget” since my original outline estimated 94,500. Added the “extra” scenes where they were needed once I’d finished the primary story to the end.

Decided to move into Book 2 after all, and put in the first 10,607 words across almost four chapters. Not deviating much from the outline yet, but it’s early.

And that makes 36,965 words on the novel front this month. Which is good, for reasons that will become apparent.


Next WIP

I actually did very little work on the Peacebringers outlines, but I’m still fleshing out the world a bit in my head.


Other Fiction

Totally dropped the short fiction drafting ball. Finished a story for The Undead: on May 1st and haven’t started another one yet. That’s okay. Other focuses.


Other Writing

Not so good on the blog, but we’ll all live, I suppose. Did do a little work on some other things totalling a mere 6,663 words, including most of this post.


Total for the Month

45,685 words. Lighter than most of the last few months, but still a decent total looking at the last couple of years. Considering life and the real world, this is perfectly fine.

As a side note, my monthly average for the past 12 months is 39,239 words, but if I only look at October 2013 on (starting when I kicked things into high gear), that number comes up to 53,500. Which still makes May light, but makes me happy.

Looking ahead, the goals for June:

  1. Book 2 of The Godhead deserves another 30,000 words this month.
  2. Finish plotting Becoming Alien. Really. Okay, we’ll see.
  3. Let’s get some short fiction in and set the bar at a high 10,000 words for The Undead.
  4. Revision notes for Universal Destiny. Hmm. Still on the list.
  5. Another shot at 10 blog posts for the month. This counts as one, but I still have plenty of topics lined up, most of which are left over from last month.

Be well, everyone.

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