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Real world difficulties aside, and there have been plenty over the past few years, if I want to see my work in print, there are two ways to do it. First, do it myself, and I’m making slow progress on this for 2014. Second, get it in front of other people in a position to publish it.

I need to work harder on the second one and it’s been a long time since I’ve done any serious story submitting. Submissions for me tend to be brief flurries of activity with long periods of nothing. Yet another thing in my creative life I need to change.

In May, I sent 7 stories out. None yet for June, but I’ve got five specifics planned for anthologies, three of which only need a final read through, and I’m working out a list of possibilities for pro and semi-pro markets. Dream big. I’ve got lots of stories (57) languishing on the hard drive and more still (37) in various states of completion from ‘first draft finished’ to ‘needs a little tweaking’.

I love short fiction and it tends to be where I find myself wanting to write. Sometimes, I wonder if I should spend so much time attempting novel length, but those are fun too. Just bigger.

At any rate, the Goal:

100 submission by the end of the year.

Which should be easy considering just how many stories I’ve got in the vault. I’m not, by any stretch, saying that they’re all publishable, but I don’t have certain knowledge one way or the other about most of them. There’s a good way to get the universe to make a decision.

It also seems like a lot since I’ve only gotten seven out so far.But 93 divided by seven months (including June) is only thirteen or fourteen each month.


So, seven and counting.

Oh, and of those seven, I have five pending, one rejection, and one acceptance. That appeared in my inbox early yesterday afternoon, sometime during a geocaching trip with my youngest. I can’t complain so far, but it’s just the beginning.

Be well, everyone.

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