Writing Report, June 2014

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June has been a weird month, and not just in terms of my writing.

I’ve been doing more editing than in the past few months. No, not because I’ve finally started revision on Universal Destiny (although I really should), but because I’ve started submitting stories again after far too long in mental places where it didn’t seem important or I had too much stress to worry about it.

The real world also gave me some curve balls, most of which are now dealt with, but one those which took an awful lot of dollars we don’t actually have to deal with.

And I’m trying a new dictation method where I just talk at the phone without having to worry about how much data it’s eating up or what my cell coverage is like or when it’s going to beep in my ear to tell me, “Enough already, I need to catch up.” This is working well so far, and is almost certainly responsible for the total count being as good as it is.

A very quick overview of June, 2014:


Major WIP

The Godhead

Book 2 progress: 28,619 words and I’m inside Chapter 17 of 49. And I only put time in on this project for 15 days of this month (which means an average of more than 1900 words per day working on it). Of course, I didn’t actually write Chapter 14 as I’m trying to decide if I covered what I wanted from it in Chapter 12. Currently projecting a final size of 130,000 words.


Year of Trek

Yes, I’m absolutely going through with this. I’m keeping the overall details to myself right now, but consider 2016 as the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I’m reviving something old and doing a bunch of new things, too. This has been sucking up a lot of word count in the last couple of weeks as I try to get ahead of the game. Eventually, it will balance out to be one project among the several on the go.


Other Fiction

A mere 5,509 words here. Not a lot, but starting to shift again. Finished one story and started another for The Undead.


Other Writing

Partly as a result of the new dictation experiment, I have nine blog posts drafted, plus this one, and one more in progress. While I managed to post only 6 last month, that may change for July.

All of Year of Trek stuff shows up in this category too, as do a couple of other longer term, non-public projects. I’m deliberately not counting the partial conversion I’ve done of an audio drama to prose, largely because it’s just that: a conversion. The slightly more than half I’ve moved over consists almost entirely of dialogue and I haven’t made any adjustments to that yet.

All told in this category, I’m counting 32,463 words.


Total for the Month

66,076 words, the best month since I ratcheted things up in the fall, although by less than 1,000 words. (Second play is October 2013 at 65,220.)

Looking ahead, the goals for July:

  1. I’d like another 30,000 words on Book 2 of The Godhead. Funny how I say that every month. I’ve only hit it two months out of six so far, but three of the others weren’t too far off.
  2. Another high target for The Undead of 10,000. Let’s see if we make it this month.
  3. 12 short story submissions. (I managed 9 for June.)
  4. To go along with the last one, more editing. Lots to do.
  5. Year of Trek progress. I’ve done some of the easy stuff to this point, but there’s still a lot more of that, and a whole lot more work (and fun) to go into it. In theory, I’ve got lots of time considering the 1st of January 2016 “launch” date. And lots of time is a good thing.
  6. Another shot at 10 blog posts for the month. Considering I have so many drafted, this should be easy, right?

Be well, everyone.

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