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DoG Ep 10: Leonard Nimoy at OCC 2014

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Days of Geek, Episode 10: From Ottawa Comic Con 2014, Live via Skype, the legendary Leonard Nimoy.

00:09 Music

“Split In Synapse”, courtesy of Kevin McCleod at

00:17 Intro

Where I note how it’s been too long since an episode without saying exactly how long and then move straight to the Leonard Nimoy Q&A.

00:48 Main

A quick gathering of famous Spock quotes to introduce the Q&A. Mr. Nimoy covered a fair bit of ground during the Q&A, which was unfortunately crashed by Karl Urban for a couple of minutes, most of it Star Trek related, but he also briefly mentioned other parts of his career, including the often missed Zombies of the Stratosphere.

47:31 News

Noting that July 29th is both Wil Wheaton‘s birthday and Don’t Be A Dick Day. Celebrate by not being a dick.

48:30 Outro

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Closing music—George Street Shuffle, courtesy of Kevin McCleod at

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