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Writing Report, July 2014

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July has been a month with very little free time outside of the car. A weirder day job schedule than I’ve been used to lately, lots of family stuff going on, a birthday or two, a couple of day (or night) trips, and plenty of stuff to do around the house. That said, my 90 minutes of commuting time has made it a very productive month.

The quick summary for July, 2014:


Novel WIP

The Godhead

Book 2 progress: a little bit stalled, but I have put in 12,500 words this month. Rethinking a couple of characters and a major plot point coming up in the middle of the book and I’m letting it rest a little.


So to ease my itchy brain, I’ve drifted back to one of the Warforge short novels to fill the gaps in Captain Pedersen’s story. I did make a brief stop in another universe first, but Warforge received 16,920words of attention in July.


Short Fiction

Two pieces of flash fiction, one for The Undead and one not, but short fiction wordage has been taken up under a different category this month. While it only hits 2,668 word here, see the Year of Trek fiction section next.


Year of Trek Fiction

A teensy bit of work on the novel for the Year of Trek, Fractured Unity. Most of this was the initial conversion of the audio drama scripts into standard dialogue and rearranging a couple of key bits of story, but there are 2,190 new words here as well.

Real progress here has been on two of the shorter pieces, a novelette focused on Chekov that started the month at 3,176 words and finished it at 16,250 words. The untitled Chekov story is probably within two thousand words of being done. That’s discovery writing for you. I’ve also started a story with with Uhura as the primary POV that’s gone from zero to 7,302 so far and is probably 67% complete. Further stories starring Sulu, Scotty, Chapel, Leslie, and Kyle are all planned, though not even remotely plotted.

Keeping track, that’s 22,603 words of fiction in the Star Trek TOS universe.


Other Writing

Includes some non-fiction projects that aren’t for public consumption and are never intended to be, as well as some other things like blog posts, scripts, poetry transcriptions, and show notes for Days of Geek. It’s a catch all bucket that accounts for 24,585 words this month.


Total for the Month

If I add everything up for July, I come up with 86,755 words.

Holy. Crap.

I’m stunned by my output this month. Granted that this is almost exclusively of the first draft variety, and therefore mostly sucks, it’s still a disgusting number. I have to say that the ongoing experiment in electronic dictation/transcription is an unqualified success.

Looking ahead, the goals for August:

  1. Warforge: I have about one and a half scenes to write to round out Pedersen’s story in the Caledonia Sector, probably about 3,000 words worth, and then I’ll switch back to:
  2. The Godhead. The current plan is to finish off book 2, which needs another 60,000 words or so that I’m intending to spread out until the end of October so I can spend time on some other things as well.
  3. For short fiction, I’d like to finish off the Chekov and Uhura stories and start on the planned Sulu novelette as well as getting back to The Undead in a bigger way.
  4. Also on the Year of Trek, there are other projects involved so that there’s some significant variety on the content when it comes time to start posting. There’s still a lot still to do, but I’m currently ahead of schedule on most of the projects, if only a little. Lots of time yet until 01 January 2016, but it will come faster than anyone thinks.
  5. Again, 12 short story submissions. Due to time shortages, I managed exactly none for July. That puts me well off my target submission pace, but I’m hoping to do better in August with two weeks of vacation coming.
  6. Another shot at 10 blog posts for the month. I put up 12 in July, but also had a lot of them drafted in advance. Not the case this month (only two drafted so far, including this one), so we’ll see what happens.

I’m not expecting the same level of wordage in August. I’m on vacation for two weeks and while that could mean I’ll get a lot written, it probable means that I’ll get a lot done around the house, hang out with the kids a lot, and scribble a few words here and there. But we’ll see.

Be well, everyone.

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