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DoG Ep 11: Stan Lee at Fan Expo 2013

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Days of Geek, Episode 11: From Fan Expo 2013, Stan “The Man” Lee.

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I mention that I’ve been seduced by Fan Expo again this year and promise to talk more about it after the Q&A.

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“Excelsior!” Crediting Stan Lee as more or less the creator of the Marvel universe as we know it, and spending a couple of sentences about how I’m an X-Men fan and don’t know where my comic tastes would have wound up without him.The first couple of minutes of the Q&A are missing due to a small technical mishap, but the rest is intact through the applause and he comes through quite clearly.

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The Q&A itself.

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Fan Expo, where the crowd and traffic flow gets worse every year because the con gets bigger every year and the company running things doesn’t seem to worry about how tightly they pack us in or how small a space they make us all walk through to get from one building to the other.

But they are bringing in a lot of famous folks I’d like to see this year.

My “must see” list: William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Adam West and Burt Ward.

On the family “must see” list so far: Elijah Wood, Ted Raimi, Dan Parent, Andrewa Libman and Tabitha St. Germain (My Little Pony), Brental Floss, Trina Nishimura (Attack on Titan). But we’re waiting for a final schedule.

My “really want to see list”: Hulk Hogan, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Matt Smith, Bruce Campbell, Richard Dreyfuss, Ray Park, Robert England, Ed Greenwood, Rick Green, Tom Cook. Those last two weren’t on the list when I recorded but have been added to theFan Expo website since.


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