Fan Expo 2014 Day 1

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Didn’t take a lot of photos today, but I’ll probably make up for that tomorrow.

So after having to wait an extra hour for our hotel room to be ready, we proceeded to have the worst underground parking lot experience of our lives. Four interconnected buildings (or maybe three?) each with their own P1, P2, and P3 levels, and each labelled identically. Signs and arrows that pointed everywhere, some of which were only for pedestrians but most of which were actually completely unlabelled and meaningless. Doors that only opened in one direction. Dead ends that appeared out of nowhere.

But the con, when we finally got there, wasn’t too crowded, which was nice.

Ray Park is tremendously entertaining and animated on stage. Got some good pictures, video, and audio. He’s also tremendously nice in person.

Our cruising of the convention floor was cursory at best, hitting a few specifics, not finding a couple of others, and then checking out some of the video game demos. I’m particularly looking forward to Shadow of Mordor and Evolve.

More cruising the floor tomorrow, Batman and Robin, Ed Greenwood, and I have to make a decision between Stan Lee and the Prisoners of Gravity reunion. One after the other, but in different buildings and no time in between.

Oh, and the high point: the poster tube that substituted for a light saber for Darth Maul on stage.

"The Schonberg Family. 'Feel the Force.' Thanks for the help! Ray Park
“The Schonberg Family. ‘Feel the Force.’ Thank you for your help! Ray Park”

A few more pictures can be found in my Fan Expo 2014 Album on Facebook.

Be well, everyone.

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