Fan Expo Day 2

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More photos today, but it seems like I spent more time standing in line while I was at it.

Fan Expo a little more crowded today. A few backups in the transit tube giving us a taste of what’s in store tomorrow.

Ed Greenwood, who started his panel early (ten minutes before his moderator even got there), ran until they kicked us out of the room.

The Dynamic Duo, Adam West and Burt Ward, were fun on stage together, but weren’t on stage nearly long enough. Less than forty minutes, in fact, and I wonder if there are health issues we’re not aware of. Hope everything is fine there.

Stan Lee was engaging and hilarious, but, due to a massively delayed flight, half an hour late getting. And even though he was the last thing scheduled and his fans had been waiting a long time to see him, the Fan Expo powers that be didn’t let him go very long. It was far more important to get him to the photo op that he’d agreed to, I suppose. More money for the con that way. (Does that sound too cynical? I recognize that money makes things happen in pretty much any business, but I think some conventions are taking it to new depths.)

I’ve still probably only seen a third of the main floor of the convention, but detected a lot of things I want.

Tomorrow: Hulk Hogan, William Shatner, hanging out with an old friend, and my son and I do a classic Star Trek cosplay.

Be well, everyone.


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