Fan Expo 2014 Day 3

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Lokai and Bele on the loose.
Lokai and Bele on the loose.

A few more photos, but not as many as there might have been with my son and I in costume. A crowded day, but a good one, mostly. But I’ll get to that.

Late to the con this morning due to how much time we spent on makeup.

Hulk Hogan, who arrived a little late but spent a lot of time and care on his responses. Most of the Q&A was wrestling based, surprise, surprise.

Managed to meet Garrik Hagon, who might be known best to geeks for playing Bigs Darklighter in the original Star Wars movie, but has almost 150 credits to his name. Nice fellow. Very personable.

I’ve seen the whole floor now, I think, but maybe not in enough detail. One more day of potential shopping.

A little line up confusion for Shatner, but wound up with pretty good seats for the thirty-minute Q&A.

Yup, half an hour. He seemed a bit surprised when given a five-minute warning but covered it well, and was entertaining and active for the whole time he was on stage.

But that might be the last straw between me and Fan Expo. It’s not the first super short panel this weekend, and now it seems like that’s the plan. Sorry guys, I know money makes the world go around, but there’s a limit to how much people are willing to put up with. You’re over mine now. I know I said that last year, but adding this on top makes us done until you bring the pendulum back.

Tomorrow: Sailor Moon (maybe), My Little Pony, and Elijah Wood. Beyond that, we’ll see.

All the photos I’ve uploaded so far here.

Be well, everyone.

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