Writing Report, August 2014

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As I suspected, I didn’t get a lot of writing done during my vacation. No real surprise, and not really a disappointment. Lots of family time and lots of time to reflect on some real world events that will likely keep the word counts a lot lower for September and October than they have been lately.

And I’m okay with that. The real world has to come before my imaginary ones.

The quick summary for August, 2014:


Novel WIP

The Godhead

A whole 5,373 words on Book 2. Finished off one chapter and wrote another, but now i’m at that big event in the middle that I’m no longer sure fits. We’ll see.


A little shy of 5,000 words here to finish off Pedersen’s story (maybe) and plug a couple of holes in Nguyen’s. Confident that I’ve finally completed the first draft of these, which isn’t to say that I won’t go back and tinker with them when I finally get around to editing them.


Short Fiction

Pretty much all of the 12,314 words short fiction work happened in the Year of Trek arena. Okay, actually all. But I’m having fun.


Year of Trek Fiction

Barely touched Fractured Unity, which, if I’m not careful, has the potential to put me seriously behind.

Finished the Uhura novelette, coming in at 12,231 words, and made a good start on the Sulu story. It’s about half done at 5,500 words, and I have vague ideas for stories centring on Scotty, Chapel, Leslie, and Kyle.


Other Writing

This is the big individual number for the month, as always catching everything else that i’ve written: some poetry, some non-public projects, blog posts, show notes, an essay, and a couple of book reports. The bucket caught 18,690 words in August.


Total for the Month

If I add everything, I get 41,674 words for August. Not bad. Actually, pretty good all things considered.

Goals for September:

  1. The Godhead needs some attention. I need to figure out the problem I’m having with the middle of the book or just force my way through it and fix it later. Forge ahead and get the words in. First draft is only first draft, right?
  2. For short fiction, while I want to finish off the Sulu novelette, I need to get back to The Undead. Hopefully, lying fallow for so long will get some creative energy flowing here.
  3. Some other stuff on the Year of Trek demands some creative energy, too, but none of it is stressing me out just yet.
  4. What happened to story submissions? Let’s try again, shall we?
  5. Another shot at 10 blog posts for the month. August only got 5 and 3 of those were short Fan Expo recaps. The problem is that I’ve got too much going on.

September wordage will likely not be up to July levels, but I fully expect to break the August barrier. No vacation (sadly) and a lot of back to school, family, and real world. I’ve got a significant event of my own coming up and don’t want to let anything disturb my focus on that.

Be well, everyone.

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