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So if you’ve been reading (or even just noticing) my monthly writing reports, you’ll probably have the impression that I’ve been getting a lot of writing done for about a year now. And I am. I’m closing in on half a million new words of various sorts for 2014, but most of it is raw first draft because I haven’t been able to squeeze nearly as much editing time out of my life as I’d like.

But that’s okay. All of those words will be waiting for me when I can get to them. I’m trying to find a little time lately, but life has been giving me a few extra balls to keep in the air. (Insert circus music here.)

And, in fact, most of what I’ve written has been non-fiction for the month of September, and a far larger share than I originally expected for the three months before it. I’ve been struggling to get in a fiction frame of mind a lot lately, and I miss exploring ideas and creating new worlds. I need to get back to fiction.

To help me out on both fronts, I think I need a goal or two, as if I haven’t got enough of those already. My thought right now is that it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve put any fiction up for general consumption. So perhaps it’s time to change that.

Starting Friday, I’m going to serialize “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus”. Near future SF, it’s a 12,000-ish word novelette that breaks fairly well into ten pieces with lengths ranging between 700 and 1500 words.

It’s also still being edited.

You see, I think I need a time crunch, something to force me along the road to getting this story done and polished, to get me motivated on the fiction side of things and back into the groove. Knowing that I want to put a new piece of “Babysitting” up on the website every Friday (because that’s when new scenes will come out, starting October 3rd) might be that little push to get things done.

Call this announcement number one. I’ve got more planned.

So stay tuned.

And be well, everyone.

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