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Legends and Lore

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We’ll call this announcement number two, but I think I’ve spoiled it long before now.

Legends and Lore is an anthology coming out from Xychler Publishing (or on Facebook) on October 22nd. If it isn’t obvious, I have a story in it. Here’s the particularly awesome cover:

Legends&Lore Cover

Legends and Lore releases on October 22nd just in time for all that Halloween gift giving you’ve got in mind. No, it isn’t a horror anthology. Very much fantasy, and very much worth the read if you’re a fan of the genre.

My story, “Natural Order”, could, I suppose, be classed as Urban, Modern, or Legendary Fantasy, or all three, if you like. It clocks in at 7,247 words and misses being the shortest story in the book by 15. Yes, this is fantasy you can sink your teeth into. Depth, drama, danger, devotion, and other exciting words that start with other letters of the alphabet.

Table of Contents:

“The Brother-Sister Fable” by Alyson Grauer

“Faelad” by Sarah Hunter Hyatt

“By Skyfall” by Emma Michaels

“Charon’s Obol” by R. M. Ridley

“Peradventure” by Sarah E. Seeley

“Natural Order” by Lance Schonberg

“Two Spoons” by Danielle E. Shipley

“Grail Days” by A. F. Stewart

“Downward Mobility” by M. K. Wiseman

I won’t spoil any of them, even mine, but you’ll probably get some tidbits of each if you come to the release party on Facebook on October 22nd. Yup, the same day the book actually releases. I’ll post details on that as they’re released.

Get excited.

And be well, everyone.

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