Recording Studio Mark 1.1

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So up until now, this is what I’ve been using as a recording studio.

Recording Studio 1.0

(This is not actually where I record, but that’s occupied by a teenager just at the moment.Oh, and it’s a Zoom H1: small, portable, and really good sound quality.)

Recently, however, I’ve made an upgrade. Not a very expensive one, but one that may have the effect of increasing my recording quality just a little, and hopefully reducing the amount of editing time I have to put in.

Recording Studio 1.1

It’s a small difference, and not a very subtle one. A homemade pop filter, consisting of a coat hanger, wrapped in a dollar store nylon and supported by a phone book that magically appeared on my doorstep. This fantastic, astounding, and amazing upgrade cost me one dollar plus tax because I already had the coat hanger. In fact, for the cost of three additional coat hangers (which I already have), I can make three more filters with that same dollar, because the nylons came as two pairs. And since they’re of the knee-high variety, I didn’t even have to get the scissors out.

Has it made a difference? On the recording side, I think it has. Since using the filter while working on Days of Geek, my editing ratio has dropped from just over 3 1/2 minutes of editing time per minute of raw audio to less than 2 1/2, not counting mixing or leveling. There are still some pops here and there on my plosives, but not nearly as many, and I don’t have to do as many retakes because of them. Hopefully the audio quality is, at worst, as good as it was before with less time and effort spent, leaving me more time and effort for other creative things.

(I do still have to do plenty of retakes due to the various verbal stumbles I make, and it’s worth nothing that now every two minutes of raw audio equals approximately 1 minute of finished audio. Still working on that.)

I am planning an upgrade to the recording studio in the near future, a more significant one, perhaps to version 2.0. This will involve foam, exacto knives, and hot glue. Probably won’t be too long in coming, but it will also probably cost more than a dollar. With luck, sales tax included, if I spend a little bit of time planning and making sure I know what I’m doing, I should come in at around $20 plus tax, swearing, and labour.

Wish me luck.

Be well, everyone.

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