Legends and Lore Release Party

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So, Legends and Lore officially releases on Wednesday, although the e-version is already available on Amazon. I’m excited about this anthology in a way I’m not sure I have been before, and I think it’s mainly due to the Release Party on Facebook.


(Click the banner to go to the event page.)

This happens on Wednesday, and while full details are on the FB page (games, prizes, questions and answers), I’d like to point out that it runs from 7-1130 pm Eastern Time, with each half hour belonging to a different author in the anthology. I’ve drawn the second half hour, which means my time is 730-8 Eastern, and fairly early in the game, but I’m going to stay for as much of the party as I can. This is a book with nine great stories in it (if I’m allowed to include mine in the count), and the group of writers involved have worked very hard to bring some great fiction.

Drop by, hang out, ask something. Above all, have fun.

And I’ll add in that today’s stop on the official Blog Tour, on Inspired Writers, features a short interview with me, which is neat but still a little odd.

Be well, everyone.


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