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True NaNoWriMo Victory

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My hands slipped from the panel, but the impressions they’d been in remained. The cavern lights stayed on, and the panel didn’t drain back into the floor. Tears started again, real tears now, streaming from eyes finally free to weep. I’ve been angry, and I’ve been guilty, or felt that way, but I couldn’t until just that moment actually grieve for my best friend.

Goodbye, Hoshi.

So I finished “Scattered on the Wind” on the way home tonight. Finished dictating it, at least, meaning that the principal story is complete at, currently, 62,322 words.

I say currently because the word count will keep increasing for a little bit, probably a week or so past the end of NaNoWriMo. This is because I have, at the moment, only cleaned up the dictation as far as chapter 15. In terms of raw words, that’s 57% of the story, and in terms of chapters, it’s exactly half.

It’s strange how much of the last three chapters, and in particular the final chapter, have been a struggle to get out. It’s almost like I didn’t want to finish the book. More likely, it’s that I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I wanted leading up to the final moments. That’s slowed me down a couple of times in this first draft and probably means I’ll have more to clean up in those sections.

Either way, the story is complete, and it is a complete story, although the final scene leaves things quite open for a sequel if choose to write one. And I may, because I have a couple ideas of things that might happen in it, but not yet. There are too many other stories I need to I had, and and a couple of them are rather pressing on my mind.

I think I may have mentioned at some point that I have around 20 or 25,000 words left on the second book of The Godquest and I’m going to start back on that tomorrow. If I can maintain the NaNoWriMo pace I’ve been on, it should take only about a week and a half. If I can maintain the pace.

I’m still plotting the first book of Peace Bringers, but I’ve also been doing some re-plotting on a story I started last year and stalled on about a third of the way through. Draugr Rising will be my next focus, right after I finish book 2 of The Godhead and it probably needs about 50,000 words yet. Then Peace Bringers.

No rest for the wicked, no rest for the weary, no rest for the writer with too many ideas.

Be well, everyone.

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