Christmas Eve

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Well, the weather outside may not be frightful, and we are very much looking like a green Christmas from where I’m sitting, but it will still be Christmas tomorrow.

The kids may not be restless in their beds, and will probably all have a hard time getting to sleep early enough for how early tomorrow is going to start, and it’s starting early in the morning, whether they like it or not.

You see, their mom is working an overnight shift tonight. Shiftwork doesn’t always recognize holidays, doesn’t stop with them. That goes for hers and mine for that matter, but I don’t have to work the big days this year. She’ll be getting home at a little after seven in the morning. The plan is for a nice family breakfast, prepared by me, a relaxing family Christmas with just like us, and then she’s going to bed. The kids and I will hang out, being is quiet as we can, until she gets up again. And then her parents are coming for dinner.

The next day is flagged for Boxing Day shopping. Each of the kids has things they’ll be after with Christmas money. My wife is giving this a miss as she’s working overnight again tomorrow and will want to get some sleep when she comes home.

Which contributes to the day after being for a hopefully relaxing trip to see my family: mom and dad, my sister and her husband, and my nephew.

But tonight is Christmas Eve. The kids are too old to be following the NORAD Santa Claus tracking, but that’s okay. They’re not too old to watch Scrooged in front of the big TV with Dad. I’ll get to relax and enjoy some time with the offspring, at least as long as they want to.

In the meantime, however and whenever and whatever you’re choosing to celebrate, I wish you a happy solstice oriented holiday of your choice, surrounded by family and friends, and with pleasant thoughts and best wishes.

Be well, everyone.

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