Boxing Week Sales

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Greetings from slightly snowy Eastern Ontario.

Well, we braved the Boxing Day crowds on Boxing day, and the children all came up with what they were after, more or less. There have been smaller trips since. The sales are trickling off, but apparently some stores still have lots of excess stock.

My youngest daughter has been to Bath and Body Works several times, gathered some new clothes, and picked up her next gaming headset.

My oldest daughter had planned a desktop, instead deciding to save most of her money and went clothing shopping, plus a season of South Park.

My son picked up his next gaming headset, bigger, better, and more awesome than the last, and saved the rest of his money for other hobbies.

No computers, no laptops, no televisions, no really big purchases at all. Not exactly big spenders this year.

Me? Well, I had been intending to pick a small touchscreen laptop or higher end tablet, something I could plug a keyboard into. The idea was to replace the important functionalities of my small tablet and laptop both. Here’s what I got:


Not exactly what I intended, but it does fit the requirements. I am entering a new era of fiscal restraint, and really, I don’t need more.

There are a lot of things I’d like, but right now all I really need is some file storage, someplace to type that isn’t tied to a desk, and something that will transcribe my commuting dictation fairly easily and accurately. This handles the typing piece quite nicely, my dictation can be transcribed by anything I can install Dragon on, and file storage is easy in the cloud.

For PC games, I have the existing desktop. For consoles, we have an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Wii-U and N64. We elected not to get a new console this year, and I’m not sure we will again. There are a few new games in the house, but they were so bizarrely cheap that I pretty much had to pick them up in spite of the large number of unfinished games we have. And I really only want to play video games with the kids anyway. It’s not quite as fun by myself as it used to be, and I don’t know if that’s a sign of maturity, or just that I know how little time I have with them now.

Anyway, Boxing week has not succeeded in getting thousands of dollars I don’t have out of my credit cards. I’m finally learning to recognize the difference between wants and needs, and I’m slowly learning that most of the wants of today don’t really need to be satisfied because that will let me plan for the really big stuff we still want to do with our lives. A new laptop probably won’t break the bank, but it might push back that year we want to spend in Japan, or Peru, or Africa, just a little further. And I’m not sacrificing those anymore.

It’s not my job to consume mass quantities, and it’s not my desire to just hang around paying bills until I die. Things to see, places to go, and all that.

Be well, everyone.

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