How My 2014 Writing Goals Worked Out

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dreamstimefree_206298Okay, so my writing goals for 2014 and my actual accomplishments are two very different things. Life is still hard to project, and a few months into the year I took a different position in the organization that actually left me with a lot less potential free time. I’ve made major adjustments to what I hope to accomplish in 2015 as a result, but that’s for another day.


2014 Writing Goals

Project: The Godhead Trilogy

The Plan: first draft of all three books, finishing by the end of September.

The Reality: two drafted and the second was painful. Leaving the third for 2015, maybe. Replaced it with a NaNoWriMo project that went very well.

Project: Becoming Alien

The Plan: The stretch goal. A fourth novel for the year.

The Reality: I never actually finished plotting it. Or rather, I did but then threw most of that away because I hated it. The revised plot, a Snowflake method experiment, is about 2/3 done. I did go back to a previous novel length project, Draugr Rising, and I’m nearly finished that now.

Project: Skip To My Luu

The Plan: a final re-read to see if it needs any tweaks or smoothing out.

The Reality: Zip.

Project: Manifest Destiny

The Plan: – Editing to beta reader stage. This is the biggest editing project for 2014.

The Reality: with the new job altering my life’s timetables, editing time became really hard to come by. I never actually got to this.

Project: The Novelette Project

The Plan: Finish off the last two novelettes in my planned series and then edit them. Quoting from last year’s goals “One is close. One has at least 10,000 words to go.”

The Reality: One had 9,000 words to go and the other had 16,000. No editing done for previously mentioned reasons.

Project: The Undead

The Plan: Finish drafting all of the planned stories, about 70k words’ worth.

The Reality: Still about 55,000 words to write.

Project: Speculative Emotion

The Plan: Staring a another themed collection of stories.

The Reality: Since I didn’t finish all of the stories for The Undead, I never actually started this.

Project: Short fiction clean up

The Plan: Taking a variety of first drafts and making them read well.

The Reality: I did some of this, but I still have about 50 stories from flash to novella sitting somewhere between a complete first draft and a draft I’ll allow other eyes to see.


2014 Publishing Goals

There’s really very little point in recapping the Indie goals. Didn’t touch them, which makes me sad, but that means I might still try them, right?

In fairness, I didn’t hit any of my traditional publishing goals last year, either. We should just let this go and move on.



Counting everything, I had a fiction target of 510,000 words last year. I actually managed just shy of 448,000 and all of the shortfall can be accounted for by The Undead.

However, my overall projection was 610,000 words once I counted in plotting and blog posts.


697,123 new words.


I can’t call 2014 anything less than a success in terms of raw wordage.

But raw wordage isn’t what counts. Published wordage is what really matters, and not even wordage, but stories and books. I didn’t do a lot of submissions in 2014, not compared to my initial intentions, but I still managed five story acceptances, three of which have already published and the other two should be happening shortly.

I’ll share my plans for 2015 in a couple of days.

Be well, everyone.

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