Something This Way Comes

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HiResSo I’ve been pretty quiet lately on both the blog and Facebook, creatively speaking. There are reasons.

The big one is that I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to accomplish creatively. If I look at my recent journal entries, I’ll find a debate with myself between creating a torrent of words (one goal set was to draft six novels this year) because I have a lot of stories I want to tell, or to work harder on a much smaller number of really finely crafted tales looking at big ideas and concepts dear to my mind, or even to try for some combination of the two.

The slightly less big one is that there are things I want to do other than write fiction. Family things, creative things, social things, academic things, athletic things, philosophical things. Lots of things. Many, many things.

How do I get done everything I want to get done?

The quick answer is live forever. Which means the real answer is that I have to make some choices. Some of those choices are hard, but that’s life.

Creatively, there are stories I want to tell and stories I need to tell. Need comes first and want follows as time allows. There’s audio and video coming, too. Yes, some of this relates to my writing, but not all of it. I need more satire in my creative life, and more collaboration, too. And more poetry.

And perhaps a wee bit of help.

Choices are being made. Things are happening, but it’s pretty much all been background stuff so far.

That’s about to change.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Believe it when it happens, not before.

Be well, everyone.

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