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The Dragon’s Hoard

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Dragons hoard low resComing soon to an internet accessible bookstore near you, The Dragon’s Hoard, an anthology of 27 stories and a poem that have two things in common, a dragon and a hoard. Other than that, all bets are off. Consider this a cover and table of contents reveal.

As is my custom, I’m reading the anthology, but I won’t review it. At the moment, I’m about half way through and I’m quite willing to say I’m enjoying the book. It’s an eclectic mix of fantasy, with a nice variety of settings and concepts. My own contribution to the volume, “Dragonomics”, originally appeared in audio form a couple of years back on Cast of Wonders, and I believe it’s still available there, but if you’re a fan of the written word, The Dragon’s Hoard is the way to go.

I’ll follow up with an actual release date as soon as I have it. What I’ve got right now is “soon”.

Be well, everyone.

  1. Musings of a Dragon – Joseph Macolino
  2. Dragon Treasure – P. Irene Radford
  3. Life with Smokey – John Lance
  4. Hoard – Deby Fredericks
  5. Hosting Happy Hoarders – Sheryl Normandeau
  6. Meltdown – Chris Barili
  7. When the Next Wind Blows… – H. Holt
  8. Mosaic – K.L.J Anderson
  9. The Problem with Princesses – Sarina Dorie
  10. Ugly Girl – Lyn McConchie
  11. The Young Dragon’s Hoard – V. Hartman DiSanto
  12. Feed the Dragons – Christina Morris
  13. Time of the Month – Carol Hightshoe
  14. Dragon’s Tooth – Alexis Glynn Latner
  15. Tiffin, Taxes and Dragons – Gregg Chamberlain
  16. A Different Kind of Dark – David J. Fielding
  17. The Naming of Cats – Rebecca McFarland Kyle
  18. The Dragon’s Clause – Kelly A. Harmon
  19. The H-Word – T. J. O’Hare
  20. Shreddy and the Dancing Dragon – Mary E. Lowd
  21. Here by Choice – Gerri Leen
  22. Dragonomics – Lance Schonberg
  23. The Price of Everything – Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
  24. Here be Dragons – Violet Addison and David N. Smith
  25. Smelling Gold – Matthew Harrison
  26. The Tortoise – Helen Greetham
  27. These Things Held Most Dear – Harding McFadden
  28. The Dragon at the End of Time – Kathleen Price


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