Writing Fiction Again

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Yesterday, I wrote my first words of new fiction in about three and a half months. 261 of them. It felt so good, I wrote 270 more today.

Now, I have been doing some fiction work, but it’s all been editing, and mostly short stories. I’ve also been writing quite a bit of non-fiction, philosophy, family history, a few book reviews, and the occasional blog post like this one. But nothing like the pace I set for most of last year. In fact, last year, if I total things up, had almost 700,000 words in it and 450,000 of those were fiction.

This year has 117,000 so far, which puts me on pace to brush up against 300,000. Not exactly a good follow up, but probably still a pretty good year, overall.

I’ve got lots of reasons, and some excuses. Family, career, karate, volunteer work at the shelter, busy life. Too many ideas and the inability to settle on one of them. I’ve been trying to figure some things out about the mental and philosophical space I’ve moved into. I’ve been tired, burnt out, need to rest. I get bored easily. I joke about having adult onset ADD (which might be less of a joke than I think, but only in certain neural pathways).

The truth of the matter is, for whatever reason, I haven’t felt like it.

And I have that luxury at the moment, the luxury of letting the stories and characters bounce around my brain and flesh themselves out as long as my subconscious, and conscious, feels like working with them. I don’t have to put them down on paper, tablet, or computer.

After all, I still have all of those other stories I have written that need to find homes (note to self: get on that, will you?) and a couple of novels that might actually be worth reading to someone else (three out of eleven drafted, of course, only those three have been edited and polished).

Except I’ve been getting itchy again.

So I started a new story yesterday, one that’s almost certainly a novel-length story. And it’s scratching that itch, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Secondary world heroic fantasy with tastes of late 17th or early 18th century technology at the end of an ice age.

I’m not sure what kind of pace I’m going to work towards on this, but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m enjoying the story. Wish me luck.

Be well, everyone.

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