30 Days of Gratitude: Day Zero

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So the whole “30 Days of Gratitude” thing has been around for a while. I’ve thought about doing it several times just because there are a lot of things in my life I am grateful for and don’t mind if everyone knows it. They’re not all things you might expect, either.

So why have I waited until now? Good question. Maybe I didn’t want to come across as an emotional sap, but that seems silly since I freely admit I am one. Maybe I didn’t want to come across as flaky. That’s a distinct possibility, but then my writing style is probably going to kill that thought. The word count doesn’t stress me out. After all, we’re talking short posts so it’s probably only seven or eight thousand words for an entire month.

I think I was probably worried about having to do a post every single day for a month. But the thought eventually occurred to me that I could just write them all in advance and set them to auto-post at the rate of one per day. Reality is more like I’ve drafted or dictated them all in advance and will have edited the first half dozen by the time this posts late on June 30th.

At the same time, I’m setting up to be back on track for the 2015 Reading Journey reviews, a few other posts, and a little bit of free fiction on the way. So yes, there will be times when two things actually post on the same day. They’ll be spread by a few hours, at least.

But get ready for a meandering journey through some of the things I consider most important in my life, 30 things I feel grateful for, starting tomorrow.

Be well, everyone.

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