30 Days of Gratitude, Day 2: Friends

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Not every friend is close enough to be considered family, although I suppose that might depend on your personal definition of family, but friends come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and levels. And distances.

Close friends, friends, acquaintances, virtual friends, work friends, old friends, new friends, social friends. Anyone you’re glad to see, hear from, or notice. Anyone who, for whatever reason, you care about what’s happening in their life, and who maybe cares what’s going on in yours. Is not easy to know, sometimes, just how much you depend on your friends and your extended social network, but the tendrils weave through your entire existence.

And I’d like to make a point of virtual friends, while I’m at it. I have friends I’ve never met, and friends I only see offline once per year or so, friends I haven’t seen in twenty years who I only ever see online. None of that changes the word. They all build up my social life and help provide emotional completeness in ways that are hard to quantify. But then, why quantify at all?

Each and every friend in my life, whatever miniscule slice of time we have of each other, I’m grateful for. I’m always ready to answer.

Be well, everyone.


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