Road Trip!

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My kids are a little older now, and don’t all like the same things anymore, if they ever did.

I’ve learned the hard way that dragging all three of them on a family trip isn’t necessarily the way to go, unless we tailor the trip pretty extensively, or make it a vacation with few limits or rules. Since the second option is hard, and the first is a pain in the backside, I’m trying something a little different this year in between: shorter trips built around each kid.

This has multiple benefits: it lets me focus, it lets them get extended individual time with me, and it makes sure that they’re not bored because I’ve dragged them all to the same destination without sufficient group consultation. Different interests, remember?

This past weekend, Youngest and I went to Montreal.

I paid way too much for a downtown hotel and we did the tourist thing in Old Montreal on Saturday, wondering around the funky shops, eating awesome food, and just having a good time. My French didn’t get too stressed as English is pretty common in Montreal, and she didn’t have to interact too closely with any strangers as I was there to run interference. Achievements unlocked: souvenirs, cool stuff, new food, new sights and sounds, French exposure, time with Dad. Oh, and Nutella Pizza.

Nutella Pizza

Sunday was for Montreal Comic Con.

As an attendee on the con floor, I’m a little conventioned out these days. Most of the commercial stuff is the same from con to con and I like to spend more and more time in the indy area and artists’ alley to see the cool stuff, the different stuff. The commercial floor Montreal is a bit different as you get a few of the Francophone specialists who don’t go to Ottawa Comic Con in May, but not many. Youngest loves to shop, though not always to spend money, but she recognizes the sameness from con to con in the last couple of years.

But it’s more about the guests anyway, right? And maybe the costumes?

Green Knight

We only went to one Q&A of the two we planned (an extended and awesome breakfast got us to the con too late to catch Billie Piper again), but it was a good one. Karen Gillan and Caitlin Blackwood were really fun. Mostly Karen, to be honest. Ms. Blackwood is younger, hasn’t done a lot of acting beyond her part playing young Amy Pond on Dr. Who, and looked to be a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we’d all gathered around to listen to her answer questions. Karen took it in stride, but I think has done a number of big cons at this point, and tried to get her cousin (they’re related) to engage a little more, but it was tough.

It’s a long drive home from Montreal, though, especially with no one to share the driving with, and we pulled into the driveway exhausted but satisfied, I think. I’m hoping she’ll want to do another road trip sometime soon, but it might not be overnight. Better if I don’t short her on sleep two days in a row, I think.

Be well, everyone.

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