30 Days of Gratitude, Day 9: Life

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Trying to avoid too much sentiment here, I’m grateful for life, for being alive.

I think it’s probably something that most people don’t really think about unless they’re going through something difficult.

Life itself is a pretty incredible thing, without considering that there’s probably more somewhere out there. On Earth, 4 billion years or so of evolution through gradually more complex forms led to me, to you, to all of us and all the living things we see around us.

Think about your long chain of merely human ancestors and the events that happened to bring each pair of them together. Each one of us has such a staggeringly small statistical probability that we really should be grateful for existence. The alternative is not just a blank space where your life might have been, but the absolute absence of everything you’ve ever had or ever will. No life, no experience, no sensation, no perception. Nothing.

I know there are people who will argue that that might be better and I don’t believe I’m wise enough to make the choice for anyone other than myself, though whatever your situation, it’s not a choice to be made with anything less than all of the facts and understanding you can gather. But I certainly believe every day spent with the candle burning is certainly an opportunity for a greater understanding of the universe.

Blowing out the candle removes that.

So yes, I’m grateful for life.

Be well, everyone.


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