30 Days of Gratitude, Day 12: Seasons

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Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Le printemps, l’été, l’automne, l’hiver.

Forår, sommer, efterår, vinter.

Haru, natsu, aki, fuyu.

Bamvua, kiangazi, demani, majira ya baridi.

And I hope I’ve spelled all of those properly. However you want to look at it, whatever language you want to look at it in, the seasons are products of transient geometry, if not necessarily transient on a human scale.

The seasons give us change and variety, different colors and different sights in different regions, a reminder that life is not always the same. In winter, a lot of life weeks quietly, on the snow, unseen. In spring, everything comes alive again, observing. In summer, there are long days and short nights of intense activity. In autumn, the activity becomes frantic to prepare for the next big sleep.

Every season is different every season brings different joys and sorrows.

Looking from a purely natural perspective, my favorite season is spring, but I have something to love in them all.

So yes, I’m grateful for the seasons, for change.

Be well, everyone.


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