30 Days of Gratitude, Day 13: Rain

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RainRain is water. Rain is life. Rain is reminder that things grow and change, and it’s a reminder that some things about our world act like a closed system (don’t be picky—I’m simplifying). I’m not going to go into the ring cycle, or what makes rain happen, or weather patterns, or anything else like that. I’m just going to say that, whether we realize it or not, rain is a reminder that we use the same water over and over again. Rain lets plants grow. Rain gives animals moisture, drink, an environment to swim in.

Rain washes things away, moves us past endings. Rain reveals things, shows us wonder and newness in the world.

If the sun the source of all life, then rain keeps life going.

And if you’ve never kissed someone the rain, danced in the rain, or just stood and let the raw power of a thunderstorm wash over you, you’re missing out.

So I’m grateful for the rain, even if I don’t want it to rain all the time.

Be well, everyone.

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