30 Days of Gratitude, Day 16: Earth

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earthWe stand on the, walk on it, sit on it, ride across it on wheels of varying sizes and shapes, fly above it but always returning.

We come from Earth, through 4 billion years of evolution, and however long a path our species has yet to walk, that’s not going to change. Individually, when we die, we are returned to earth, many of us directly. Earth is the cradle of life, and the grave that welcomes us home.

The Earth doesn’t care about our ethnic background, point of origin, ideology, or belief system. In a fundamental way, Earth is mother and father to all of the creatures spread across this oblates fairly.

And maybe this is a good spot to mention that it provides everything we need, and that it’s very much worth being thankful just for that. If we don’t screw things up too badly for our children, it will continue to shelter us for as long as species walks its surface.

Be well, everyone.


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