30 Days of Gratitude, Day 18: Science

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hubble_in_orbit1So in a little less philosophical vein than in the last few days, I am damned grateful for science. Science is the way we know the world, whether we personally practicing it or not. Science, and its child engineering, have given us everything we take for granted, everything we have ever wanted so far, and they will give us everything more in the future.

Science is a challenge. Science is understanding. Science is all kinds of really cool toys. It tells us where we come from, how things work, and shows us ways to create things. Science is the pursuit of truth, of fact, of new things.

And it might actually be the knowledge that I’m the most grateful for.

I’m not a scientist, and not even really on an amateur level. I do like to think I’m reasonably well-informed across a broad variety of fields, and if I’m partial to astronomy and mathematics, those are my tastes. I think I have a strange need to know sometimes, or a need to find out, how far away something is, what makes it up, or why it behaves the way it does. Stars, galaxies, quarks and atoms, bacteria, extinct giant reptiles, friction, seasonal geometry, quantum mechanics, relativity, neurobiology, psychology, behavior, photosynthesis, cellular biology, chemical interactions, and on and on and on. It’s all interesting, it’s all fun, and even if only fleetingly, I love it all. I’m grateful for things that stretch my mind and science does that better than almost anything, because science is everything. There is science everywhere, in everything we do or see or touch. We may not see it, but there is no denying that it’s there.

I love science, I always will. I’m grateful for teaching and learning, and hope it will continue to teach me things until I suck my last breath in, and maybe just a few seconds longer than that.

Be well, everyone.


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