30 Days of Gratitude, Day 23: Thought

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23thoughtHuman beings have the most wonderful ability to think, though sometimes it seems as if we seldom use it. Part of the basic functioning of our brain, thinking allows us to understand the world and the universe around us, to ask questions, and to figure things out. Thought allows us to learn and change and grow.

Of course, it’s not unique to humans. While I’m not a scientist or psychologist, or anything like either, I will suggest that there are a large number of creatures on this world who have the ability of thought, a by-product, or special feature, of the brains they use. You can watch other creatures learn, figure out new things, change their behavior based on what they’ve experienced. Where the line is, and how fuzzy it is, between pure programmed instinct and actual learned, considered behavior, I have no idea. But the capacity for thought is much broader than mere humanity.

Learn, understand, grow.

Be well, everyone.


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