30 Days of Gratitude, Day 25: Voice

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25voiceTaken literally, a voice allows us to express our thoughts aloud, share our feelings immediately with other people, add words to tone and body language to communicate so much more in person than mere words in print alone. And yes, everyone has a different voice, distinct and unique to them as fingerprint or retinal scan, and some of us control our voices well enough to be good storytellers, or readers, or singers.

I don’t sing very well, but that doesn’t necessarily stop me. I feel that you should always sing as if no one’s listening (and dance like no one’s watching). I haven’t always liked my voice, but it’s mine, and I suppose I’m stuck with it, though it certainly shifts and changes with time. I’ve come to the understanding that I might as well love my voice, if only because it’s mine.

But the word voice suggests an audible sound, and not everyone has one of those, nor does everyone use theirs effectively. Your true voice, your actual, unique, true voice, comes from how you put your thoughts together and express them in words, whether that’s aloud, into the keyboard, on paper. Your voice is an expression of self, a thing to be molded and shaped, and held onto.

I’m grateful for my voice, and more, for the ability to recognize that I have one along with the will to learn to use it for more than just simply saying hello.

But that’s important, too.

Be well, everyone.


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