30 Days of Gratitude, Day 27: Humour

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27-HumourOn the heels of yesterday, to pick one specific emotion, humor is critically important in my life. I would rather be happy than sad, and I would rather laugh than cry. There’s a lot of humor to be found in the world, and if not all of it is my type, that’s okay too.

George Carlin once said that the comedian’s job is to think up goofy shit or to point out the things that you forgot to laugh at first time. This is a good description of what I want from my humor. Find me some goofy shit or find me something I should have laughed at but didn’t think to.

Don’t show me humor the takes pleasure from someone else’s pain, even if it’s simple as a practical joke or prank, April fools or otherwise. If it needs misery, I’m not interested.

Don’t show me humor that single‚Äôs someone out, or group, or makes fun of anyone for who or what they are. Show me crazy stuff, stupid behavior, ridiculous ideas and situations. Show me funny things.

I love to laugh, and that’s never going to change.

Be well, everyone.

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